Monday, March 18, 2013

The Pilgrim's Progress

I wrote this about a year and a half ago. Sometimes I go through my past writings to see how far God has brought me in my walk with Him and it was really a blessing to come across this entry today :

"Do you sometimes feel you don't belong? Today I feel so strongly this world isn't my home. I feel drained and weary. However, I find renewed strength when I sit at His feet. The pilgrim's progress is slow but before the throne of God above I find everything I will ever need for this continued journey. I smile when I remember that my life is hid with Christ in God.

On this journey I now also have a friend for life that God has sent me and for him I am so thankful. Next to Jesus, he is my closest friend. Everyday together we are learning what love truly means and each phase is even more beautiful in our walks with our Savior and God. We are learning what it means to wait on Him and hope in His promise for our lives together.

My Savior and my God, You are so good to me. I do not deserve anything I have and yet You continue to give me more. You give, and You give, and You give some more, because You love me.  You don't tire of loving because You are Love. Teach me to love like this Lord. I want to love like You do. I know it is not possible without Your power and Your grace working everyday in me. Help me to find strength in You. Let me not go one moment without the knowledge of Your presence and grace, for I can't go one more step without You walking alongside with me."

A year and a half later, I can say, my God still remains faithful. Praise Him for His faithfulness day after day!

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