Monday, January 25, 2016

Godly Woman or Super Woman?

The Proverbs 31 Woman. Wow, what a woman! In fact, she sounds like some sort of superwoman, a woman from an entirely different planet. She sure stands out among her peers. Growing up, I was in awe of this woman. She manages her household and is also a businesswoman. It looks to me like she can knit or do some sort of craft; she is so hands on, a hard worker & a great cook. She wakes up before dawn, makes sure her family is provided for and she succeeds at everything she sets her mind to. She is kind. She gives to the poor. She is fearless. This woman is clothed with honor and dignity and she sure is wise. Her children called her blessed. Her husband praises her. He is revered and his heart can safely trust in her. Ultimately, she is a woman who fears the Lord and the fruit of her hands are blessed.

This woman sure puts me to shame. I mean, Is there anything she doesn't do? I was talking with a friend about this and we agreed the woman in Proverbs 31 probably doesn't leave her house a mess when she's tired. She probably never leaves laundry lying around and never leaves dishes in her sink. Her husband probably never has reason to complain about her cooking. She probably doesn't give her husband a reason to fight with her and she probably never complains about anything. Now, I have had people tell me in my lifetime "You're a Proverbs 31 woman" and I can't help but think "Really? in what sense?" because I know I feel far from this picture of the ideal Christian woman. In fact, there are times I feel I fall so short and I can't help but feel the immense and, often, unrealistic pressure of what is expected from us as godly women.

If you're a woman after God's own heart, I want to take the time to encourage you. There will be days when you and I feel far from a godly woman, let alone the perfect wife, mother, or homemaker. And at times, all this is AFTER you feel you have given it your all. You give and you give, yet it isn't enough. You feel tired, exhausted really. You wonder if anybody cares about how YOU feel or what you think? Day after day, you are trying to faithfully carry out your responsibilities that come with each of these roles that you're trying very hard to perfectly fit into. 

Be encouraged, dear sister and friend. Know that first & foremost, you are loved beyond comprehension. You are a daughter of the King, the God who created this universe and your worth is great in His eyes. God sees your heart, even if no one else does. He knows the sacrifices you make in the ways you give to those you love & cherish. He knows your desires. He sees your efforts. He knows you want to love and respect your husband, even in the times you fail to do so. He knows you love your children and want best for them, even in the times you slipped up in anger towards them. He notices when you put your family above yourself. He hears the songs you sing to him in praise while you're driving to work. He hears the prayers you pray for your family while doing those dishes. He notices you reading those books about how to hear His voice better or how to be a wife who prays for family. He knows you desire to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He knows you desire to spend more time in the Word and feel like a failure when lacking in discipline and consistency to do so. He is aware when you are awake at night lying in bed thinking of all the things you could've done better and how you failed again in a certain area. He is forgiving and kind and grants us grace yet again. He gives us grace & strength for a new morning and a new beginning on yet another day.

We may not be the Proverbs 31 woman but she is someone we can look up to and desire to grow into. We can ask our sisters to stand with us in prayer so we have the strength to be women after God's heart. Since we live in the flesh, being the perfect woman isn't possible but it is practical to aspire to be better and ask God to help us grow so we can be the beautiful women, wives, mothers, sisters and friends God created us to be to those in our lives.

To all my sisters, I love you! May you grow to possess the incorruptible beauty of a gentle & quiet spirit that is precious in the eyes of God! (1 Peter 3:4) Hope you're encouraged :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Thought provoking quotes for the believer's walk (from giants of the faith)

No man knows how bad he is till he has tried very hard to be good
-C.S. Lewis

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God
-Corrie Ten Boom

Faith does not eliminate questions. But faith knows where to take them
-Elisabeth Elliot

If you wish to know God, you must know His Word
-C. H. Spurgeon

You will never know the fullness of Christ, until you know the emptiness of everything but Christ
-C. H Spurgeon

How completely satisfying turn from our limitations to a God who has none
-A. W. Tozer

I want God, not my idea of God
-C. S. Lewis

The heart never takes the place of the head: but it can, and should, obey it
-C. S. Lewis

To have found God and still to pursue Him is the soul's paradox of love
-A. W. Tozer

Friday, April 18, 2014

The heart of God

Isaiah chapter 1 always gets me. The heart of God is buried within it. God's constant cry is "Come!" He has cared for us and brought us up; He has done so much for us and yet we forget Him. We are quick to leave Him and run in the other direction when the going gets tough. We are quick to leave Him behind because our flesh is too convenient at times and we just settle for what it offers instead of seeking the life-giver Himself. God is tired of our numerous so called "sacrifices" we make in His name when our hearts themselves are so far from Him. He calls what we have to give "vain offerings." Our sacrifices and offerings have become an "abomination" and a "burden" to the Lord for our hearts are far from Him. Life can be such that we become consumed with the mundane. The routines of life take over and we forget to have a relationship. A real, living relationship requires spending actual quality time with each other and not just doing things for the other person. The problem could be that we sometimes forget that God is a Person. We find that in Scripture, God often gets to the root of the problem and in Isaiah 1, He says the problem is the heart and the head. Both the head and the heart are not sound; the head is sick and the heart is faint. We must be watchful to keep our heads and hearts right before God. The Bible says that it is out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Let this passage challenge us to make it a practice to routinely examine ourselves before the Lord to see if we are still walking faithfully and rightly with Him. He has given us life and done so much for us. The only gift we can truly give to Him is a life humbly lived for Him in return for who He is to us. May the Lord bless your walk with Him and may you find yourself to be more and more in love with Jesus Christ every day.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Nothing Less ...

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness
I dare not trust the sweetest frame
But wholly lean on Jesus' name

Christ alone
Weak made strong
In the Savior's love
Through the storm
He is Lord
Lord of all

When darkness seems to hide His face
I rest on His unchanging grace
In every high and stormy gale
My anchor holds within the veil

When He shall come with trumpet sound
Oh may I then in Him be found
Dressed in His righteousness alone
Faultless stand before His throne

Jesus Christ has been, is and always will be my Cornerstone. It is beyond heartbreaking to see the lost, the hurting, the misled, the ignorant and the stubborn walk this earth without the shelter and guidance of the One they absolutely cannot live without no matter how hard they keep trying to do so. He is our Creator, and therefore, the One- the Only One- who can help us understand our purpose and live out this purpose.

Life can sometimes be unforgiving and it can be tiring to try and make sense of everything that is going on. Through such trying times one can hardly fault a person for wanting to give up. However, the soul that is secure in Jesus's love recognizes that even through the fiercest storms of life, He is the anchor that helps us stand our ground and once the storm passes He helps us push forward. We were not created to weather such storms on our own; it is simply not possible.

Are you in a place where you are trying to make it on your own strength? Your hope must be built on Jesus Christ and nothing less. The life God intended for you cannot be lived without His guidance and blessing. The world may tell you Jesus is an option. The truth is this : Jesus is not an option but a necessity. Jesus Christ is the source of life- in this life and the next. God says "Choose life that you may live!" (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Paul says "O how we are to be pitied more than all men if our hope only lay in this life!" (1 Cor 15:19)
Jesus is coming back! In Jude, we see that the One who called us is able to keep us "from falling and present us faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy." His plans are marvelous and they not only involve a life of purpose in this life but also in the one we will have when Jesus returns for us, His beloved.

Do not let the ground you're standing on be sinking sand. Choose Jesus -the solid ground, the Cornerstone.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let us dream

Psalm 126:1 "When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream."

Don't you love this verse?

Think upon where we once were.

Think about the Lord; take a quiet moment to think about how He took us out of where we once were and set our feet upon solid ground. If the Lord hadn't rescued us, we wouldn't have been able to dream. We should be in awe of having this chance at a purpose-filled existence when we did nothing to deserve it.

The Lord has given us good things and blessed us with abundance of life. The joy we experience as a result of this relationship with our Creator is so surreal at times that we feel as if we are dreaming, don't we?

On the other hand, because we each have a life filled with purpose, we are able to dream big dreams. We are able to have big hopes for our futures. Why do we have these hopes? We can have these hopes because our Lord has promised us certain things for the future and we can count on Him delivering on His promises.

We can keep dreaming because we know we can count on the One who gave Himself up for us. We can safely dream because we know whom we have believed.  We can dream of a future free from the worries and fears this world brings. Can you?

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Pilgrim's Progress

I wrote this about a year and a half ago. Sometimes I go through my past writings to see how far God has brought me in my walk with Him and it was really a blessing to come across this entry today :

"Do you sometimes feel you don't belong? Today I feel so strongly this world isn't my home. I feel drained and weary. However, I find renewed strength when I sit at His feet. The pilgrim's progress is slow but before the throne of God above I find everything I will ever need for this continued journey. I smile when I remember that my life is hid with Christ in God.

On this journey I now also have a friend for life that God has sent me and for him I am so thankful. Next to Jesus, he is my closest friend. Everyday together we are learning what love truly means and each phase is even more beautiful in our walks with our Savior and God. We are learning what it means to wait on Him and hope in His promise for our lives together.

My Savior and my God, You are so good to me. I do not deserve anything I have and yet You continue to give me more. You give, and You give, and You give some more, because You love me.  You don't tire of loving because You are Love. Teach me to love like this Lord. I want to love like You do. I know it is not possible without Your power and Your grace working everyday in me. Help me to find strength in You. Let me not go one moment without the knowledge of Your presence and grace, for I can't go one more step without You walking alongside with me."

A year and a half later, I can say, my God still remains faithful. Praise Him for His faithfulness day after day!

Purpose Statement

Vision -
Here, I intend to glorify God and testify of His faithfulness through writing focused on life lessons learned as a pilgrim here on earth

Hope -
If you're a believer I hope that you will leave here encouraged and challenged in your walk with God

If you don't know what it means to know Jesus personally or have a committed relationship with Him as your Savior and Lord, I hope these writings will make you curious enough to want such a life that brings a peace only God can give